Following on from the letters we sent out in April, along with new contracts, we are writing with some information about Moovahome and the impending legal changes to the lettings market. The following changes have/are coming in and you will need to understand the changes, to protect your investments.

Carbon Monoxide/Smoke detectors

From October 2015, all rented properties will need to have a carbon monoxide detector in a room where solid fuel is used (Boiler) and also a smoke detector on each floor. Our staff test smoke detectors on inspections however to date 99% of our managed properties do not carry a carbon monoxide detector. We are offering an installation through a third party of £79.99 to include a new 10 year battery smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector in each property, unless you reply by 15th August 2015, we will instruct the company to do this on yours. Going forward, we will test all appliances on a tenancy change over to ensure you are covered.

Legionaries disease

Due to a recent change in legislation, landlords are expected to carry out a risk assessment on the risk of legionella disease in their property before moving a tenant in. Ashley Cain of Moovahome attended a course and qualified earlier this year in order to understand the new rules. He will not be carrying out the reports himself, but again we can offer an assessment for £75 on each property through a third party. At present the industry does not enforce these reports but in our Autumn newsletter we will give an update, in the meantime please feel free to contact Ashley to discuss this. More information can be found here.

Buy to Let in Swindon

Good news for you, Swindon is now one of the top 20 towns to invest in Buy to Let. You can read about it here.

Did you know, at Moovahome we can source properties for you (fee applies) and are also happy to advise on potential purchases you may be considering. We also run a sales agency from our offices called so should you be thinking of selling, talk to us first as our sales fee is low and our marketing is key to a sale.

Another increase in team numbers at Moovahome…

Michelle at Moovahome is recovering well from her operation in early 2015, Michelle wants to come back now but the doctors are insisting rest is taken, we hope to welcome her back in 2016. Due to our continued expansion plans, Hannah Smith is joining us in mid-September on a full time basis. Hannah will be slotting into the team of Alex, Karolina and Ash on the day to day management of the properties. In due course you will all receive communications from her, but should you wish to say hi, her email is and naturally will be added to the generic info@moovahome email you are all using.
We will write again in the Autumn, Should you have any question in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us on any of the ways below.
Ashley, Pauline, Michelle, Alex, Karolina and Hannah