Referencing has moved on somewhat in the last few years, and now includes the need to get a ‘Right to Rent’ check carried out, a legal obligation for UK landlords.

The RTR check in simply means you must ensure the tenant you are granting a tenancy to has the right to rent a home in the UK. The check is extremely easy to do, but the landlord/agent must be confident the tenant is:

a) The same person who viewed the home

b) The ID of that person is the tenant/viewer

Once you have confirmed they can live in the UK, a tenancy can be granted.

At Moovahome we also do full credit checks which include County Court Judgement checks, Bankruptcy checks, employer and landlord references and finally an affordability check. Once the above is done, we would say you are ready to agree a move in date. There are still additional works to be done which include a full detailed inventory (At Moovahome we do a full written one as well as a pictured inventory), a full legally binding Tenancy Agreement and after the once in, you must also protect the deposit. But that’s for another blog…

To find out more on Right To Rent, check out the government guidelines here